Concordia Lutheran Church

Faithful Living:

Faithful living is the fruit of a spirit-filled community. Concordia is a congregation that comes together from so many different walks of life. As such, the gifts of this community are as diverse as the needs of the community. How the gospel takes root in such a community is a joy to see. Some of the ways in which Concordia is living faithfully are seen in the work of the WELCA, committees, its music ministry, mission support and the Fair Stand at the Polk County Fair. Each are striving to expand their capacity to care for their neighbors near and far.

Holy Communion is celebrated every Sunday

Church Council:

President: Stanton Wang

Vice President: Dave Riegert

Treasurer: Darcey Larsen

Secretary: Lori Walters

Education: Ben Sather

Home and Church Life: Tammy Hemmah

Management & Finance: Chad Braun

Outreach: JanaDee Fuchs

Worship: Carol Osmondson

Stewardship: Lori Walters

Financial Secretary: Salome Hansen